who is bread and pomegranates

Welcome, I am Christina Baird.  I am passionate about helping people grow and thrive and am particularly interested in the role of reflective learning for increasing wellbeing, confidence, creativity and resilience.  I would love the opportunity to come alongside you and support your reflection and growth, whether that is for ongoing professional supervision or coaching or for a debriefing session.   I am also available for group training and workshops.

I love learning and have a PhD in social psychology,  a graduate diploma in theology and a certificate in professional supervision.  I am an associate member of The International Society for Coaching Psychology.  I have been in Christian ministry in NZ for just over 12 years, almost 5 of that was in student mission, and for the most recent 7 years I have worked in personnel development for a mission agency.



why bread and pomegranates

Bread and pomegranates are symbols and reminders of some core principles in my own care and for my work with others.

Bread nourishes, comforts and sustains life on a daily basis  it is a reminder that my care practices (for myself and others) should nourish and comfort  me  (or others) on a daily basis so that I have the energy I need to grow and thrive.

But bread is not just simple fuel for the body it is also deeply symbolic, reminding me of the spiritual element of my work and pointing me to the broken bread that Jesus Christ instructed us to remember him with. So bread becomes a reminder to place Jesus at the centre of my work and life and to ensure that his kingdom values are expressed in all I do.

In contrast to the somewhat ordinary staple of bread turn to the exotic, rich and colourful pomegranate. In Christian art a cut pomegranate (exposing the seeds) has symbolised the many believers in the one church, and also the resurrection. So the pomegranate reminds me to look outwards, to reflect the global nature of the church and to connect with and learn from the worldwide body of believers. Although exotic for me pomegranates are as ordinary as bread for my brother-in-law, they remind me that my normal is not necessarily your normal - that I can learn more about the world from you. It helps me remember to turn regularly from the brokenness that I see to the resurrection that God makes possible in all who we encounter. Lastly they are a powerful reminder that the goal of what I do is Holy Spirit empowered fruitfulness in my own life and in those of the lives I work with and for.