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work stories are about you!

Through debriefing I facilitate a reflective process for healing and moving on from the past. Organisations, teams and religious organisations, can sometimes constrain and limit our growth or even be harmful places where we cannot safely be ourselves.  Debriefing is for you if you need a safe, facilitated process to let go of some elements of your past experiences in order to move into a flourishing future.  I will support you through a 5 session process of observation, reflection and response to your experiences.  Together we will uncover new understandings of your experiences and the impact they have had on your strengths, values and ability to be truly yourself in your work.  We will find ways to identify,  grieve and put aside those things that need to be let go of and to affirm celebrate and take hold of those things that you wish to keep.  I will gently support and encourage you to identify the steps you can take to transition into a more flourishing future.