ministry supervision is about you!

 If you are in ministry, mission or other people centred vocations, you will find that your own being is the most important resource that you have to offer others and is the source from which your work flows.  Care for your own being is therefore critical to your development and long-term well-being. External supervision is a tool that can help you care for and nurture yourself.

I like to define external supervision as a collaborative, ongoing relationship outside of the immediate work context that encourages reflective practice and lifelong learning, supports personal capacity and helps the supervisee develop professionally.  Supervision is made up of various elements that include support, dealing with emotions, learning, skill development, quality control, understanding and meeting professional standards, reflection, professional identity and growth.

External supervision has been described as a malleable concept, therefore it is flexible and encompassing enough to be a little of what you need for your growth right now.  The beginning of the supervision relationships that I establish involve establishing how we can best work together and what you require from supervision. There will also be opportunities for review and recalibration when needed.

I also host a group supervision session once a month on a Wednesday evening for those working in Mission Agencies or Christian Not For Profits. Contact me below if you are interested.  

If you are interested in finding out more about professional supervision with me then contact me. 

“Supervision gives me the opportunity to reflect on what I do and why. Without it I am like a ship without a rudder just doing what I’ve been trained to do without critiquing myself or my actions. With it I can honestly say that my practice is safer and I am stronger.”
— Richelle Webb, BSW, membercare and tck specialist