Reflective Learning Cohort

set yourself up for confident and competent membercare practice

God calls many of us to the work of caring for missionaries…

and it seems that it wasn't something we planned for or prepared for. God called, you saw a need and you answered. Now you need to figure out what to do, how your background informs your work, and indeed what your work actually should and could entail. Membercare can be a lonely role, lacking in definition and with only vague criteria of success. It can be difficult to find professional pointers and understanding that ground your role and ensure its professionalism.

The skills of critical reflective practice and a group of like-minded member-carers is what you need to set yourself up as a confident and competent membercare practitioner.

If you are new to missionary care (either field based or sending office) and are looking to get your head around your role and to increase your skills and understanding of membercare then the reflective learning cohort is for you. If you are a more experienced membercarer and are looking for ways to stretch yourself and increase the professionalism of your role then the reflective learning cohort is also suitable for you.

This is an opportunity to join a group of like-minded carers and learn together for 11 months. At the centre of this practical and supportive learning experience is developing an understanding of and ability to apply reflective practice in your work. Reflective practice is a critical skill for membercare practitioners yet it is often not one that is taught or encouraged if you do not already have a background in the helping professions.

Over 11 months you will experience a combination of group supervision, topical reading, discussion with your peers and support to understand and apply reflective practice in your work. You will finish the course with the tools and colleagues you need to keep growing in competence and professionalism so that you can better support the missionaries you care for.

The next cohort begins in February 2020 and is strictly limited to 10 participants to ensure you get the best possible learning experience, and to ensure you are able to leave the programme feeling confident and with the skills to continue learning and growing through critical reflective practice


The reflective learning cohort is created and facilitated by Christina Baird. Christina has over 14 years expereince in the not-for-profit sector including just over 7 years in personnel development for a mission agency. She is passionate about supporting the growth of professionalism among member carers from NZ and Australia. Christina loves learning and has a PhD in psychology, a graduate diploma in theology and a certificate in professional supervision, she is registered as an intern psychologist with the NZ Psychologists Board.

Reflective practice involves reflection on your actions and making the theories and assumptions that you are using in your work explicit. Primarily it is about allowing a conversation between your work and theories or knowledge that allow each to inform the other.


What is Group Supervision?
Group supervision is a chance to gather with similar professionals outside of the immediate work context to reflect together on your work, to support each others learning, and to increase ethical understanding and maturity.

What topics will be covered?

Over 11 months we will cover topics such as:
Reflective learning.
What is missionary care?
Negotiating care, growth and prevention.
Support out - support in - recognizing your needs as a carer and meeting them.
Boundaries and negotiating relationships
Emotional Agility
Building resilience and well-being
Feedback - how do we know we are doing a good job?
Developing Ethical Maturity

Participants will also have the opportunity to suggest topics they particularly want covered.

How much time will it take?
The cohort begins in February and will run through to December in 2020. Each month you will receive (via e-mail) a short video or written introduction to the topic, and two or three readings, podcasts or videos to learn from. How long this will take you will depend on your reading speed and prior knowledge, but it will not be onerous as the emphasis is on application. There will then be reflection questions that help you think through and engage with the material and think about how it applies to your situation and work over several weeks. There will be opportunity to discuss (online messaging) with other participants. Then you will need to attend a 90 minute zoom call each month.

How will the reflective learning cohort help my membercare practice?
Reflective learning is a skill that will enable you to grow as a membercare practitioner and will give you confidence, competence and increased understanding of your work. This in turn leads to high quality member care practice.

When do registrations close?

The course begins in February 2020, you need to register your interest by the 7th January 2020.

Is there a cost for this programme?

I am self employed so do have to charge for my time and the content I produce. I am committed to keeping the cost of my membercare services low so the cost is a very low $690 inc GST for the whole 11 months. Alternatively you may request monthly invoicing of $63 per month.

Will there be any other intakes?

The beginning of the year is not always a great time for everyone. If there is enough interest I will do a Mid-Year intake beginning in July. Message Christina if you are interested.