Reflective Learning Cohort for Membercarers

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Reflective Learning Cohort for Membercarers


If you are new to missionary care and are looking to upskill while on the field this course is for you. You will join a cohort (maximum 10 people) for 11 months. We will go on a journey that combines group supervision, reflective learning and topical reading and discussion. We will cover topics that increase your understanding of missionary care and enhance your practice.

The cohort will start in January 2020. Payment by monthly fee is also available - contact me for more information.

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At the beginning of each month you will receive readings, videos and reflections to ponder and apply in your work. This should take you between 1.5-2 hours to work and think through. You will have and opportunity for sharing your thoughts or questions with others throughout the month, At the end of the month Christina will host a zoom call for all participants where we talk through some of the challenges we have faced and how our readings apply to our work and improve our practice. This will last approximately 90 minutes.

Topics will include:

Reflective learning.

What is missionary care?

Negotiating care, growth and prevention.

Support out - support in - recognizing your needs as a carer and meeting them.

Boundaries and negotiating relationships

Emotional Agility

Building resilience and well-being

Feedback - how do we know we are doing a good job?


Developing Ethical Maturity

Review and Reflection and Building Reflective Practice over the long-term.