2018 is approaching, stretching before us with opportunity and promise. 

WiseStart 2018 is a coached start to your year.

Are you ready to grab those opportunities and take hold of those promises, to leave the rut you are stuck in?  WiseStart 2018 can help you grab hold of all that 2018 offers.  It will give you the support and encouragement you need in the first months of 2018 to make it a satisfying and fabulous year.  

As you look back was 2017 all that it could have been? Perhaps you are a little dissatisfied with the year you have had? Perhaps you feel you didn’t quite reach your potential? Perhaps you just want to make sure that you nail 2018? WiseStart 2018 will give your year the kickstart it needs so that next year you look back on a fantastic, fulfilling year.   During this 12 week program coach Christina will guide you through content, reflection exercises and thought provoking questions that will help you find yourself, identify where you are going and help you to set and keep goals to help you get there.   

What the program consists of:

8 learning modules over 12 weeks direct to your inbox (via e-mail), themes covered include how to reflect on your year, discontent as a powerful learning tool, getting to know your strengths and values and using them for visioning and goal setting, and finally we will look at self-care.   The learning modules will include video and written content to inspire and activate your thinking and actions. There will be plenty of reflection tasks, worksheets, exercises and practical tips, that help you apply the content to real life.   You are also able to join an supportive facebook group where you can share your struggles, wins and thoughts.    Encouraging e-mails scattered throughout the programme will help you process, reflect and apply all that you are discovering.  As part of the program you are eligible for 3, 30 minute personal coaching sessions with coach Christina to help you with your questions and application.      

Contact me to express your interest and your desired start date: