Are you ready to flourish in a changing world?

I nurture creative wisdom in the people and organisations that care for others so that they can change, grow and flourish in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. 

You are the most important element in my work and I am here to be your companion on a transformational journey to find your creative wisdom.  This will enable you to clarify your vision for the future, re-find and refocus your sense of self as the source of your work helping others and to grow professionally and personally. Together we can discover and cultivate the changes to yourself, your work and your organisation that you long for. 

I am here to help you flourish whether that is through external supervision, coaching, leadership development or debriefing.  

What now?

You can book a coaching, supervision or leadership development discovery session with me now. Yes I want to talk now!

You can read about how I apply my love of change  to the church and mission in New Zealand: Change and Challenge for the church in New Zealand.


Perhaps you are not quite ready to have your creative wisdom nurtured? I invite you to keep in touch anyway. There are many ways that you can receive updates or become part of my community.  In fact there are so many ways to keep in touch that I had to create a whole page of links.  Click here for the links.